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The Most Miserable Phase of My Life

The most miserable phase of my life started two days after my marriage. After I completed my doctoral studies and joined Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow in November 1993. Due to long work hours in the hospital/lab and frequent mess problems made me sick. I was having frequent stomach problems. Prof. G Choudhuri of the department of gastroenterology examined me and told me that only medicines cannot solve my problem; I have to take hygienic food at regular intervals. He also joked and told that an easy way out is to get married so that my wife can take care of my stomach problem. I seriously taught about it and consented for marriage. Within a month my parents found a suitable match for me. The girl (Sanghita) was known to me since my childhood; moreover, her father was a world renowned swimmer. I had no hesitation about anything. We got married on 18th February 1994 in Kolkata. We had the Boubhat (at home) ceremony in Kharagpur on 20th February. Due to over eating and exertion I was having fever along with stomach pain. My father consulted his friends and told me to take one Baralgun tablet after my lunch. I had taken this medicine earlier also. However, on that very day just 3-4 minutes after taking this medicine I experienced tremendous pain in my stomach and started feeling uneasy. Soon, I started having motion of black tarry stool. My father told that I had malena may be because of the adverse reaction caused by the medicine. I kept on passing black stool before I fainted. When I recovered I found I was surrounded by doctors, there were at least 10 doctors at my home. I was so weak that I was unable to get up from bed. For the next few days my condition was quite critical, my hemoglobin dropped to 1.6 gm%. All the important engagements including my honeymoon trip was cancelled. I had to resign from my job. Sanghita became very upset with the situation. However, she kept her cool and decided to fight the situation. My stomach pain did not subsiding even after 10 days of medication. It was then discovered that my internal wounds were badly infected and I was given a long course of antibiotic treatment. Only after that my situation started to improve. For the next 6-7 months I was not allowed to move away from home. It was only after 10-11 months I traveled independently to Bhopal. As I have stayed for a long time in Bhopal and all my friends were there, so I taught to relaunch my career again from there. So in January 1995 Sanghita and I shifted to Bhopal. Though my health condition by then had improved a lot, but I was not fully fit. My hemoglobin was still very low 7.5 gm%. In Bhopal I started a farm house in the outskirt of the city. I did dairy and poultry farming.






I used to sale the farm products. The earning from the farm was not enough for our living. So Sanghita took up a job of a teacher in a school. In the evening we together ran a coaching centre for school students. Things went on like this for 2-3 years. I lost heavily in my farm as the animals got unproductive. We both struggled to save some money, which did not happen. Our parents supported us constantly through this struggle period. What ever I tried was not fruitful. Finally, in 1998 when I become completely fit I decided to go to Kolkata. I consider this four years after my marriage as the most miserable phase of my life.